How to draw oscilloscope lines with math and WebGL


When I saw oscilloscope music demos, they amazed and inspired me.

Observing a clever use of interaction between sound and an electron beam is a unique experience.

Some awesome oscilloscope music videos: Youscope, Oscillofun and Khrậng.

However, I could not find any beautiful oscilloscope emulators. Lines produced by most emulators barely look like real oscilloscope lines at all.

Because of that I made a cool WebGL demo — woscope, which is a XY mode oscilloscope emulator.

sexy oscilloscope squiggle

In this post you can learn how to draw these lines in WebGL.

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The Most Expensive Anti-Pattern


In this post, I’d like to talk about the most expensive programming anti-pattern I know:

Manipulating structured data formats using string functions.

I will be referring to it as “printf anti-pattern”.

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Speculations on security


m1el: “You cannot abstract security”

m1el: “Security is not an interface”

aitderceto: “Security cannot be instantiated”

aitderceto: I’d like one security, please

m1el: OOP is not a good tool to describe security

On white-box crypto


Usually, I don’t react strongly to articles that contain bullshit. But when I stumbled on an article that contained three false statements in the very first sentence, I simply could not leave it be.

The first sentence of the article is:

Program obfuscation is a breakthrough and trending field of cryptography.

– valerini

My post touches a lot of topics, and I’m not an expert in any of those.

Strong opinion inside.

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Kare Kano DVDs


One day, I’ve stumbled upon Kare Kano anime, but after searching for rips for a while, I did not find a single DVDRip I would consider acceptable.

So I thought: heeey, maybe I should rip the DVD myself?

God, how wrong I was.

In this post I’m going to write about the shit I found while working with Kare Kano DVDs.

I’m writing this post not to be informative, but for myself to be done with this DVD. Forever.

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